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TOSSafter is an afterschool program for students in k-12th grade. Students are trained in creative, critical thinking with the desired outcome being creative confidence manifested through unique projects students will be empowered to design by the end of the term. Students are familiarized with visual mediums such as painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, textiles, and photography and given the tools to design and exhibit their work at the conclusion of the term.


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Grade Levels/Schedule

Monday: Grades K-1
Monday: High school (5:30-7)
Tuesday:  Grades 2-3
Wednesday: Grades 4-5
Thursday: Middle-School

3-3:30: Drop off, BYO snack time, acclimate
3:30-4: Thinkers think: discussion time, show and tell, planning
4-4:50: Makers make: paint, draw, work on collaborative projects
4:50-5:00: Assess work and pack up


First Term (14 weeks): September 9 - December 12
Second Term (18 weeks): January 13 -May 21
Studio hours are once weekly for a two hour studio block. We break for holidays as followed by the BCPS system. Students enrolling in the fall term must indicate their interest in continuing in the spring before Christmas break.


510 E Fleming Dr, Morganton, NC 28655
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At TOSS our goal is to offer an art experience that will have a lasting impact at an affordable rate. We want to give every child a chance to experience the discipline of thinking through the art of making. Studies show that art education equips students with better problem-solving skills who test higher in every subject at school. Our emphasis is to cultivate sophisticated learners using the visual arts as our guide; we offer a wide range of tools, and on any given day you might see the unfolding of theatrical productions, animation, or product design.  We are invested in developing the skill sets and abilities of students in our community, who will someday be the next generation of entrepreneurs, professionals, practitioners, and leaders.



$40/ month:  $160 - Fall term (4 Months)
                           $200 - Spring term (5 Months)

  • Payment is due by the 1st week of the month

  • Regardless of the variant number of weeks per month, the $40 monthly rate will remain the same- it is averaged to accommodate holidays etc.


+After full-price tuition for first the child, siblings can attend at a 30% discount.
+Register and pay upfront for the entire year and receive a 10% discount
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We award a sliding scale rate and full scholarships based on need. We also offer two partial scholarship for students who's parent(s) are interested in a Work/Trade position at TOSS. You can indicate your interest in these opportunities when filling out the TOSSafter application.