Harnessing the power of creative thinking

TOSS is an arts advocacy studio in Morganton, NC. We seek to sponsor artists, provide young makers with mentors, and facilitate projects with community members and students.

Our Story

TOSS began as two sisters found themselves living together in their hometown of Morganton, NC after spending a number of years as makers and art educators elsewhere. Recognizing the dire need for arts education and integration in this area, they set about to facilitate a space to do just that.  TOSS began in the Fall of 2015, and to this day, the sisters are still speaking. 

Studio Methodology

Our pilot programs, TOSSafter and TOSSadvanced are modeled on Room 13 and the Reggio Emilia teaching philosophy which elevates the process of hands on, collaborative learning, building creative capital through experience. We value student autonomy, giving our students opportunities to design and execute their own projects, giving them the tools and knowledge they need to help spark creativity. We think harnessing the power of creativity will allow us to develop a healthier community and more empathetic world.