The TOSSAiR (Artist in Residency) program is a nine month, work/trade residency that provides the artist with a small stipend to work with our after school students and produce a body of work to exhibit at the end of the year. TOSS strives to connect working artists with our community and students. TOSS provides artists with a space and forum to develop their own body of work, all the while, helping young artists develop their own creative skills through the TOSSafter program. Residents are encouraged to strengthen their own skills through collaboration with the studio directors, TOSSafters, or various community organizations. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Responsibilities for the Resident

  • A TOSS resident is responsible for teaching the after-school students once a week for a 2 hour block.

  • Responsible for professional and upstanding behavior at all times.

  • Responsible for keeping personal and shared studio space clean and orderly.

  • Assisting with studio installations, exhibitions, and fundraisers.

  • Responsible for creating a cohesive body of work.

  • Responsible for organizing an end of the year show, exhibiting personal work developed during residency.  

Guidelines for Applying

Round One- This process requires candidates to answer basic questions about their education and past experiences. This answers are to be filled out and submitted to our team for review. On this application, be prepared to attach a proposal detailing your plan for the body of work you will create at TOSS. Your resume and 10 images of your work should be emailed to upon submitting the online form.

Round Two-If you are invited to continue the application process, an interview will be scheduled and after deliberation the TOSS team will reqire a background check, and proof of insurance. Once these items have been confirmed you will receive an official invitation to become a resident.

Required Qualifications

  • Previous work experience with children

  • Excellent work ethic, willing to multitask

  • Self-directed and motivated individual who works well with children, colleagues, and other community members.

  • College graduate with a concentration in art or individual with a body of work that represents their desire to create.

Residency Application

Please fill out the following form. You will be contacted by our studio director, Kathryn Ervin, to request a resume, portfolio including 10 images of your work, refferences, and a background check. For any questions, contact Ms. Ervin at

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Experience and Proposal
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