Policies and Procedures


General Studio Regulations

+ Parents must walk their child up to our studio and sign them in/out. (clipboard on the table as you walk in).

+ Students are only allowed to use the bathroom one at a time.

+Students are not allowed to leave the studio without first asking permission.

+Snacks are not provided by TOSS

+Transportation is not provided by TOSS

Schedule Accommodation

+Student must attend the class assigned to their age group.

Art Sales

+Throughout the year we will be selling and displaying the artwork produced during TOSSafter at exhibits and fundraisers. During regular exhibits, the studio will take a 30% commission of all sales; during fundraising campaigns the commission will be 70%-100% -student's preference.


+ On the TOSSafter application, parents must indicate whether or not their child can be photographed. We photograph and film studio activities to raise awareness for TOSS and to document the students progress. Images of our studio and students are frequently posted to Instagram, Facebook, and our website.


+Tuition is due the first week of each month. We accept monthly payments as well as an upfront payment for the entire year. The tuition rate is set at $35 per month and is not reduced for holidays or missed days. Refer to the TOSSafter page for special rates and discounts.

Holidays and Missed Days

+ Any studio days missed due to holidays are not to be deducted from the tuition (whether you are paying the regular rate or are on the sliding scale). The rate is set to evenly account for the studio days.

+Tuition deductions can not be made if a studio day is missed due to a schedule conflict.