Past Hunts

TOSS has been producing hunts since 2014! We have worked with communities in NC, SC, Maryland, Alabama, and California. Our most recent hunt was the Catawba Scavenger Hunt, August 10th, 2019.


TOSShunts are a series of creative, curated events. These art scavenger hunts are designed by artists, students, and the TOSS staff to fit a specific community and theme. They are designed to spark curiosity and provoking wonder though an interactive adventure, accessible to all. 

This project is a social enterprise of TOSS studio. As we seek to harness the power of creativity to change the lives of those in the Rural South, we use creative entrepreneurship to fund this vision. Proceeds from these events benefit our studio art programing.

We believe creative experiences in public space are worth creating, maintaining, and sustaining. Our interest in exploring alternative forms of presentation in the arts began in 2014, with the recognition that participation in museum and galleries was steadily on the decline. With technologies ushering in a new era of media production and viewership, physical, kinesthetic experiences for many have been diminished.

Catawba Scavenger Hunt

🌿The Catawba Scavenger Hunt supported
Efforts of the Foothills Conservancy of North Carolina and Catawba Riverkeepers Foundation to promote environmental stewardship through this artful experience.

👩‍🎨These events fund our art education initiative at TOSS!
With 5,500 elementary students in Burke County and only 2 art teachers across these 14 schools, the need for arts education in this region is clear.


"That was the best TFA event we have ever attended! And believe me, we have been to a lot!…Our whole family had a blast on the hunt!”-Shannon and Caleb Armbrust, parents
”This experience was an inspiration to our whole family. This event made me want to go home and create! It was nice for my kids to see that creativity is a gift…and that we should be encouraged to use it and share it with the world." - Keri Topjian, parent
Last night was truly beautiful, magical, and precious. I shall never forget it." -Mary Catherine Stevens, parent
"The entire evening from the truly remarkable illumination/scavenger hunt...my heart, mind and soul are full and a bit in awe. I simply cannot put into words what the evening meant to me."-Ann Holladay, Board Member, Trinity Fellows Academy.


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