Basically Everything in One Newsletter


After many meetings over the summer (and a few tears let's be real) the TOSS team (Kirksey, Kathryn, and Hannah) were provided with an avenue to continue the work we care so deeply about.

As a little recap, our normal programing was interrupted this summer as our studio in the old junior high building was unexpectedly reallocated by the school system. Over the summer, we moved our supplies, equipment, and furniture to a temporary studio, still having no idea where or when we would resume programing (insert tears).

That was until Todd Greene, Director of Development at the Outreach Center, started a conversation with us about his work to elevate arts and culture in our community. The Outreach Center serves approximately 1,200 families weekly through food distribution, education, job training, and spiritual support. Our partnership will enable us to join in this work and fulfill our objective of advancing health and wellbeing through the arts. We will be able to relaunch TOSSafter Spring 2019, as the studio renovations are completed!

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Until our programing resumes, we are partnering with Grace Episcopal Church to hold a series of workshops, Fall for the Forest. Registration is still open for this series! Check it out.



Y’all, we are way behind on the recap game. Here are the basics.

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TOSSafter is an art studio for k-12th grade students. It is modeled on Room 13 and the Reggio Emilia teaching philosophies which elevate kinesthetic, collaborative learning. Through building creative capital and harnessing the power of creativity, we can develop a healthier community and a more empathetic world.

  • TOSSafter successfully completed its first mural for WNC Real Estate! A huge thanks to Lance Turner, muralist extraordinaire for helping us pull off this project. A big congratulations to the middle school class that helped design Our Town, a mural about finding our home in Morganton.

  • Jordan Winiski successfully completed her summer internship, sponsored by Furman University. Along with advancing several areas of research, she volunteered with the Burke Arts Council summer camp program, designing an entire week of summer classes. The capstone of her internship was an independent project she completed around art and ecology. We will be hosting an exhibition of her work in November at Fonta Flora Brewery.

  • Our student programing this term consists of our fall workshop series, Fall for the Forest. More details and registration info can be found here.



TOSSair is a complimentary program to TOSSafter. Teaching-artists participate in a residency in which they work with students, make art, and donate a percentage of their proceeds to the TOSSafter scholarship fund. Here is what we have been up to over the summer:

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Hannah continues her work developing unique, ceramic awards for organizations, notably, Tanawha Adventures and the Trinity Fellows Academy.

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Kathryn has been working on collaborations with Hope Heals, Fonta Flora Brewery, Capita Social and most recently, Saddleback Visual Arts which will be hosting her art scavenger event, the Treasure(ish) Hunt this October!

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Kirksey takes on a mountain of weaving and painting projects, exploring natural fiber dyes and watercolor techniques. Check out her Etsy account for the prints she has available!



TOSSers are the invaluable support system which keep us afloat, off the ledge, out of the tree or under the bridge. Pardon our French, but what the heck! We need you! In this section we list some ways y’all can get in involved.

We are so honored by your support of this venture as we gear up to resume TOSSafter this spring. Consider ways you might be an active part of this organization. Wether it is volunteering, donating materials, or giving to our scholarship fund, we would be thrilled to journey down this road with you. Get started by perusing our engagement opportunities on our website.