Marpril. That's right. March and April. Combined.

Greetings from TOSS! 

We are happy to bring you a few updates from our studio and snapshots of the creations happening on College Street, by both our students and our artists! But first a few announcements. 

The Spring TOSSing

This end-of-the-year event will be hosted by our friends at the Carolina HealthCare System on Thursday, May 17th. Student work, craft stations, really yummy food, and of course the most creative kids in Morganton. You won't want to miss it. We will have fliers at the studio if you care to take one home. 

Summer Camp

For the last two years, TOSS has hosted a joint summer camp program with our partners at the Burke Arts Council. However, this year, the BAC will be taking the lead. Stay posted for information and registration which will be made available on their website. Feel free to reach out to them with any inquiries: (828) 433-7282

TOSS on College Street

Last month we were informed that the Burke County Public School System will be renovating the building we have been renting on College street for the future use of their central offices. While this transition has dramatically effected our ability to offer summer programing, we hope to find a suitable location to begin hosting classes in the Fall. 


k-1: In addition to our regular programing for k-1, we have recently had the honor of hosting a field trip for Morganton Day School in which we created an illustration in order to tell a story. We also got to host a birthday party for a very special little lady. As always, our Monday class is fearless and curious, ready to tackle any new challenge. 

2-3: This Tuesday class has become increasingly experimental in it quest to understand the different mediums of art. We try encaustics, paper-making, making paper cups with plaster molds, painting with stencils, painting with pipe cleaners, painting with paint, making shapes with wire, making extremely scary sculptures with paper-clay that never quite dries correctly... Once we tried screenprinting and recently we glazed our ceramic mugs. And thankfully that is all. For now. 

4-5: This group has made a number of fabulous contour-line portraits using the process of monoprinting. Along with ceramic slab-building, painting, and general shinanigans, this class is having tons of fun. Possibly too much fun if we are all honest.  

6-8: Highlights include the successful completion of our slab-build ceramic letters, experimental techniques in clay, and forays into the design of our own projects for the Spring show.

9-12: The intrepid progression of the high school students in their personal projects has been inspiring! As concerted efforts are applied to understand materials and methods, drawing and painting alone have given us plenty to think about.  

TOSSAiRs: Amidst many activities, Kirksey, Hannah, and Kathryn are continuing their making practices. Kirksey, has been working on commissions for Cageless Birds and others. Hannah continues to make incredible ceramic pieces for Tanawha Adventures, and Kathryn has been solidifying designs for upcoming installation work. Check out and follow along on their instagram accounts: @kirksey.lowther @hannahgthrower @kathervin