Fini February!


Here is a little peek into our month of art making at TOSS!

Kindergarten-First grade: We have recently stepped into the world of texture through the mediums of sewing, ceramics, and encaustics.



Second-Third: With elements and principles of design on our mind, we create miniature worlds in the style of dioramas to express the many types of lines we see around us. This class has also been dabbling a little in encaustic art- who can resist!

Fourth - Fifth: Art is a risky business. It's important to learn how to take a step into the unknown. Doing that in a safe environment, such as the art classroom is incredibly beneficial for a student. Simple things like adding color, layers, pushing a piece of art just a little further when you think you are finished.... it's all a part of creating, problem solving, and risk taking.

We've  got nothing but love for Morganton on this year's Valentines Day! Watch this sweet video made with a printmaking technique learned by the 4-5th graders.

Sixth-Eighth: What is more rewarding (or intimidating) than learning to draw! As we have finished up our ceramic project, this month we have been tackling the art of the still-life! Our middle school group has been so focused and we are really proud of them!

Speaking of how proud we are...Woohoo!!! McKenna Carver won a Silver Key through the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards this year! Her painting, Tossing, also won the Governor's Student Excellence Award. We were so proud to be there with her family and Kara Jones, her art teacher from Morganton Day School, to recognize her achievement! Way to go McKenna!

Ninth-twelfth: With focused projects ranging from mixed media, drawing, and oil painting, this group is zeroing in on the unique area of interest.

TOSSAiR: In preparation for our Spring TOSSing, the TOSSAiR's have been busy in their studios painting, weaving, and working with ceramics. Here are some progress shots!

TOSSneighbor: Western North Carolina Workers' Center

There are incredible organizations working in the College Street building! One (right down the hall from us) is the Western North Carolina Workers' Center. They develop leadership among workers in our area through organizing and education to resolve issues of labor rights and promote fair working conditions in Western North Carolina. The two organizers we see on a daily basis are Juan and Bacilio. A big part of their programing is around issues of workplace health and safety, wage theft, and woman fighting injustice.

One of their most recent victories was in organizing the testimonials of poultry workers in this area and garnering the support of 100,000 allies prompting the US Department of Agriculture to rejected the poultry industry's petition to increase line speed in their factories. This will have a direct effect on workers in our area.

Check out the narrative developed by Oxfam America called Lives on the Line. It illustrates the issues taking place in our very own neighborhoods.

Images are taken from the WNCWC facebook page, accessed here



We are so so grateful for the love and support we receive from each of you. If you woud like to here about ways to get involved or volunteer with our students, we would love to make that happen.

A special thanks as always to the BAC for their support, and for the new table for highschool room. We are spreading out! To our friends over at the Resource Warehouse for their donations of materials: Thank you. We. Love. Art. Supplies. Also, thanks are always due to the Burke County Public School System for their ongoing logistical/spacial support. We so enjoy our space on College Street and are so thankful to Bob Accord for always being a willing aid.

But guys, sorry: Melinda Davis and Samuel Kuehnert are still our favorites. Thank you both for lending a hand and being such a fun part of Thursday!!

Thank you all so much for helping to support our little school of artists! We are so thankful to you!