An Ode to October

With each day feeling more blustery than the last, TOSSafter students have been hunkering down. We are stretching our minds, considering new approaches to art-making. We are learning new skills in order to bring our imagination to life. Check out what the TOSSafter students have been learning and the teachers, too!


Kindergarten-First grade


Fourth - Fifth




Hannah, Kirksey, and Kathryn are staying busy: We have enjoyed our collaboration with Project FLOWER sponsored by the Burke Literacy Council, supporting the Burke Arts Council at the October Oyster Outing, working on weaving commissions, designing TOSSafterhours classes, and participating in conversations about the integration of education and art with others at AiR Serenbe in Atlanta. To hear about more about any of our projects or collaborations, drop us a line!


We are so so grateful for the love and support we receive from each of you. If you woud like to here about ways to get involved or volunteer with our students, we would love to make that happen.

A special thanks as always to the BAC for their support, and to our generous sponsors who are helping to build our scholarship fund: Grace Episcopal Church, Sherry Lindquist, Sevan and Keri Topjian.

Thanks are also due to Elizabeth Gould, Elizabeth Williams, and Lucille Hartman for their generous donations this month. We are so grateful for more yarn, paint, and drawing materials!

Would we really be able to get anything done without Melinda Davis and Samuel Kuehnert helping on Thursday? Unlikely. Thank you guys for lending a hand and being such a fun part of that day.

Thank you all so much for helping to support our little school of artists! We are so thankful to you! Happy Fall ya'll.