As for April

First thing is first: Announcements! We are hosting an end-of-the-year PARTY May 19th (5-7pm in the Courtyard of City Hall) and everyone is invited! See flier below for more details. We are also ramping up for summer camp, so help us spread the word!



We are so proud of the TOSS students. They propose creative projects, problem solve through technical issues, and are learning each day how to work as a team. The highlights of the month have been food-truck drawings, still-life painting, printmaking, and play productions machinations.

studio views

Here are some of the happy results of studio hour.



Kirksey has been doing a lot this month-from looking glamorous with her baby in various scenic places, to weaving RUGS, towels, and clothes (Kathryn is completely baffled by this process). The results are shear magic.

Kathryn has been working on various projects with varying degrees of success (ask her about the bottle-caps some time). This month she installed a group project put together by her middle-school class at NDS for the art festival, Artfields. She also wrapped up a collaboration at WPCC which included a exhibition of her students work produced with visiting artist, Tiffany Thomas, and acted as a judge for the subsequent student art show which is now on display at the Godfellows Gallery.


TOSS had the joy of receiving a number of visiting artists this month. Two fellow classmates of Kathryn's,  John Moises Webb and Courtney Sue as well as two instructors from ECU, Beth Blake and Jim Tisnado. These individuals are incredible and we were so pleased to spend an evening with them.

Kirksey and I were recently the beneficiaries of the organizational prowess of a one-woman-wonder,  Evelyn Wright. From time to time, she arranges weekend adventures in Golden Valley where we were able to catch up with some really inspiring and creative people living and working in Western North Carolina and Georgia.

Artist in Residency: Lucas Ervin

Lucas is taking orders for his shirts! They look so great and we are happily commissioning him with some projects of our own.