Fab Feb


This month we have been working on films, self portraits, collage, sculpture, and drawing from life. Click and then hover mouse over images for more details!

Special projects


The Skate-park Advisory Committee- is having a fundraiser in April to promote the fruition of their skate park initiative. Kathryn has been asked to contribute to the silent auction which will be held at Fonta Flora by painting on one of ten boards which will be offered for sale to raise support for the park. She has recruited TOSSafter student Jay to help with this project (an avid skater). Together they are coming up with a design to show their support. Wish us luck!

Monday Malarping- this film is a MUST see! We are so proud of our little artists/actors for coming up with their very own story line, costumes, and beat-bop jams.

TOSSafter interview- we are going to be sharing more videos of our TOSSafter students, both at work and through interviews. This is one of our favorites from the month.






Kirksey and Kathryn have been hard at work this month creating an online store for our merchandise, freelancing, meeting with young entrepreneurs, and exhibiting student work. Click on an image for more details about any of the above!




We are so thrilled to introduce you to two of our new volunteers, Gabby Ramos and Melinda Davis. Thank you Ladies for your commitment to creativity and passions for seeing kids express themselves. 


Gabby Ramos

Gabby Ramos

  • Melinda Davis, PhDis a remarkable, and incredibly versatile woman who has assisted us in a number of capacities at TOSS. She has graciously agreed to come work with our Monday TOSSafter students and we have thoroughly enjoyed her presence in our studio.
  • Gabby is a high school senior finishing up her time at Freedom High. She is planning to do her senior project with us at TOSS and we couldn't be more pleased! 




A big thanks to Katherine Simpson and Laura Smith for writing recommendations for our studio this month. Thank you!


                                                                                                   As always, thanks to our partners at the Burke Arts Council