January Jubilee

TOSS is in full throttle and we wanted to share some images. We are very excited to announce that we have some openings in our After-school program, so send k-8 kids interested in our direction!

TOSSafters-Art we just had to share:

Here are our Afters in their studio:

We have some film making enthusiasts in our studio, and they are pleased to share one of their very first stop motion films. This video was made by the vision of Anna Beth Gould and Harry Simpson, with the direction of Trey Truitt. 


TOSSresi's- Currently, TOSS accommodates two residents (resi's) Kirksey and myself (Kathryn). As a recap,  at TOSS, a resident is an artist who works with the after-school students and makes art of his/her own. We model this format after Room13. Kirksey and I have been adventuring together through snow days and creative days since 1992. We have developed a passion for promoting and supporting artist-entrepreneurs, and had a chance to visit some of our favorites over Christmas break/January. The following artists are those we visited in Sarasota, Charlottesville, and Annapolis. 

Bradley and Nancy Dorrill- this duo was making and inspiring beautiful things long before they met and married in 2010. They are individually incredible, and magnificent as a team, living and working in Sarasota, FL. Bradley grew up playing the classical guitar and now forges knives; Nancy can make literally anything she puts her mind to, most incredibly, a environment of love and creativity for their two boys, Elijah and Micha. Bradley can be reached at this address if you are curious about his knifes: dorrillforge@gmail.com

Daniel and Lauren Goans are singer/songwriters that tour nationally as a duo. They are based out of Charlottesville, VA and have an beautiful, intentional lifestyle that is seamlessly communicated through their art.  Lauren and I were able to visit briefly in January, and her thoughtful counsel and encouragement was timely. We also put some shelves up in the bathroom, so that's something. See more about this couple and purchase some of their music here.

Allison Zaucha and I went to East Carolina together. This woman blows me away. She is fearless and yet has a heart wider than the Severn River, where she is currently based in Annapolis, MD. Allison is a professional photographer- an artists, a philanthropist, and a lover of mankind. So honored to be on a journey of creative growth with such a titan. You can view her work, and current initiatives here.


TOSSers- We have an enormous amount of praise for our supporters. These are individuals that make our studio happen. We wouldn't be making gluey creations, intaglio prints, weavings, or enumerable other artistic experiments without them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Individual Donors

Mary Marsha Salisbury-who essentially gave TOSS an incredible loom

Elmers inc.-with generous donations for glue and foam-board

David McCaskey- who donated his intaglio press


Morganton's Woman's Artist Guild: Joanne Blough, Julie Cioffoletti, Beth Bailey, Kim Ollis, Jenny Mastin, and Kristin Steiner

The Mull foundation

Grace Episcopal Foundation

The Huffman Cornwell Foundation


Susan McRae-who has given her time and enthusiasm to us loom-learning Ladies

Robbin Ervin- who faithful babysits for Kirksey during after-school

Caleb Johnson-Our faithful and incredibly creative Tuesday Volunteer


As always, a big thanks to our partners at the Burke Arts Council that support and facilitate TOSS, especially Deborah Jones who answers my endless questions.