• 7 weeks, June 25th- August 10th (sign up for as many weeks as you choose)

  • Ages 6-12

  • M-TH

  • 9am-12pm (50 min segments with breaks for snack)

  • At TOSS (510 College Street, Morganton, NC) and Burke Arts Council (referred to as BAC, 115 E Meeting St)     

  • Sign up your child through the BAC website, link at the bottom of the page. 

Starting June 19th, a crew of fabulous art instructors will be working with the campers during our 8 weeks of TOSS summer camp (Monday-Thursday) using a different art medium every day. Each week we rotate between the TOSS studio and the Burke Arts Council makers space.


Week #1

@TOSS June19th-22nd

Theme: World of 3D Art

Using wood and hammers, mosaics, shaping wire, we will be constructing things you never thought possible, using your wildest imagination.

Week #2

@ BAC June 26th-29th


The creatures have immerged! Join us as we capture these critters, and depict them with drawing, mask-making, paper-mache, clay.

Week #3

@ TOSS July 3rd-6th

Theme: Animal Kingdom

The kingdom of the furry and ferocious will be painted, shaped and printed. Come prepared to learn about, and create some of your favorite animals!

Week #4

@ TOSS July 10th-13th

Theme:Fantastic Fibers

Cultures from around the world have used fibers for decades in many different ways dyeing, weaving, sewing, felting. Join us as we explore some of these processes, and prepare to be amazed!

Week #5

@ BAC July 17th-20th

Theme: Earthworks Art

The great outdoors provides vast materials to make art, prepare to explore and spend time in the woods as we gather and create projects using natural materials.

Week #6

@TOSS July 24th-27th

Theme:Scavenger Adventure

Enter the world of recycled art: When boring everyday objects become a masterpiece. 

Week #7

@BAC July 31st-August 3rd

Theme: Downtown Studio Tour

Peek into the creative spaces of the artists that work in downtown Morganton! These artists invite us to join them for a morning to work along side of them!

Week #8

@TOSS August 7th-10th

What happens with amazing technology and innovative minds are put to work?! Come and find out!



-Camper must be dropped off and picked up at designated space (either the BAC or TOSS)

-Must sign-up for one whole week (M-Th)

-Full payment due before the the student's camp week begins


-BAC members enrollment fee for one week: $50

-Non-members enrollment fee for one week: $55

Awards and waivers:

-Siblings receive 10% discount after first child

-Sign up for three weeks and receive one free week

-Indicate on the sign-up form if you would like to be considered for a tuition waiver

Art Teacher Bios

Sterling Lieske is an artist living on a farm in Morganton, NC. She loves to paint, draw, write, sew, photograph, garden, and much more!

Hannah Thrower graduated from Appalachian State University with a Bachelors of Science in Art Education k-12 and has 5 years of teaching experience. She loves to paint, draw, and sculpt and also loves being active through outlets such as hiking, running, and lifting.  Favorite quote? “The mind, once stretched by new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Kirksey Lowther, an artist/educator, can be found these days floating about Morganton usually with her baby in tow and arms full of things to take to TOSS. Kirksey is a teacher and artist in residence at The Old School Studio and finds that the highlight of her day comes frequently between 3 and 5 pm inside a room full of creative scribbles and a clamber of bustling young artists. Kirksey deals mostly within the realm of painting and fiber art. Her newest obsession has been learning to weave. 

Nora C. Mosrie is a visual artist, folk singer, and musician with thirty-three years of professional experience. She is dedicated to sharing her enthusiasm for the arts and actively involved in local and regional communities through events, art exhibitions, music performances, and as a teaching artist. Nora is a native of the Southern Appalachian Mountains and deeply connected to the rich cultural heritage of the region. She finds the natural world to be filled with beauty and intrigue; inspiring colorful abstract paintings, clay sculptures, and monochromatic drawings.

Kathryn Ervin is an art educator and artist.  She has spent the last five years investigating the technical and conceptual terms of visual art. Since accepting her BFA in painting and drawing from East Carolina University in 2014, she has ventured a number of interdisciplinary projects that include digital, sculptural, and 2 dimensional media. In the future, she plans to develop her practice in terms of social action and collaborative activities.

Downtown Artist's Bios

Susan McRae started sewing her own doll clothes at an early age and quickly learned to embroider, crochet and knit; in 1970 she began weaving. She was able to fulfill her life-long dream of opening her own shop in 2013 and is now able to pursue and share these interests full time. 

Hamilton Williams After many years making pots on the outskirts of the adjacent town of Valdese, Hamilton wanted to take part in the burgeoning revitalization of Morganton's downtown area. Several month's of searching found an old brick building with warehouse space and two store fronts. As the renovation of the building rolled forward, it soon became clear that the building's store fronts were the best place to display pottery created in the studio while also providing an excellent venue for other talented regional artisans and artists to show their work as well.

Jenny Mastin  My Fine Art and Craft studies began in the fiber arts over 40 years ago, but transitioned over those years, while teaching art  towards clay… to ceramic sculpture in particular. I find that clay anchors me to the earth and sends me other places. It informs my sense of place in the world and fires my imagination in a way no other material can. Clay comforts and inspires me. It connects me to my collective ancestors, bonds me to my clay contemporaries, and constantly challenges my understanding of its potential possibilities for future aspirations.

Frances Hairfield For over thirty years, Frances Hairfield has dedicated her artistic career to the time honored traditions of oil painting and drawing. She makes her home in Western North Carolina, where she divides her creative life between her family’s mountain homestead and her idyllic Victorian home and studio in the foothills.   Whether painting the region’s majestic natural attractions through Plein air painting or referencing local textiles and crafts in still life painting, Hairfield’s art mirrors her local environment and its diverse culture and heritage.

West Union Studios is a group studio featuring six ceramic artists with our own gallery to showcase our artists' work. WUAS overriding theme is to create an opportunity for artists in and around Morganton to have the studio space, support and publicity to get their work into galleries across the U.S. and to sustain a creative career.